Concrete Pavers

Concrete Paver Installation in Sarasota & Manatee Counties

Concrete pavers are a great alternative for outdoor flooring, and especially, one that offers great value, low maintenance, and lasts for decades. Compared to brick pavers they are cheaper and more versatile, being available in all sizes and colors you can imagine.

We install a complete line of concrete pavers from the best brands in Sarasota & Manatee counties.

Catalog of Concrete Pavers

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Mega-Cambridge (BELGARD)

The old world meets low maintenance, modern durability in Mega-Cambridge™ pavers. These pavers give your hardscape a natural look and feel that evokes another age.

Holland Stone (BELGARD)

The classic shape, smooth surface and multiple color options make Holland Stone ideal for creating a wide variety of traditional looks. Holland Stone is also an excellent choice as a border element.

City Series (BELGARD)

The array of patterns you can create with the City Series is truly dazzling. Combine City Square pavers with the City Diamond to make almost any design imaginable. With a large selection of color choices, the possibilities are practically endless.

appian-Stone (BELGARD)

Named for Europe’s famous Appian Way, these pavers give your hardscape a natural look and feel that evokes another age. Suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Catalina (BELGARD)

The Catalina™ collection’s crisp, clean lines and smooth, linear surface create a contemporary feel that’s both eye-pleasing and comfortable. Perfect for high-traffic areas, Catalina is fully ADA compliant. The modular system offers superb design and flexibility and ease of installation, with a multitude of possible laying patterns.

Catalina Grana (BELGARD)

Catalina Grana offers crisp, clean lines and a smooth, linear surface that’s fully ADA compliant and creates an eye-catching contemporary look that’s ideal for high-traffic areas.

Bullnose Coping (BELGARD)

Bullnose coping features a smooth surface and can be used as a finishing accent for an array of outdoor living features, including pools, steps, seat walls, outdoor kitchen counters, foot ledges and more.

Fountainhead Coping (BELGARD)

concrete pavers for pool coping

Fountainhead Coping allows your beautiful patio to integrate seamlessly with a pool. The variety of style options allow for a custom look complimenting the different paver options that are available. Coping is also versatile enough to function as an edge restraint for all our premium Belgard products.