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Do Cambridge pavers fade? Find out!

When the topic is pavers, people instantly think about Cambridge pavers since they are very famous for their durability and beauty. This type of paving stones offer a creative and lasting look for driveways, patios, walkways, pool areas, and retaining walls.

Cambridge pavers are similar to concrete blocks, they are manufactured with a smooth non-porous surface, which is made of extra dense concrete. The upper 3/8” of these pavers have a high concentration of color, which makes them more desired by homeowners. But, do cambridge pavers fade eventually? 

This article will discuss a little more about Cambridge pavers and if they fade or not. Read more about it below!

Do cambridge pavers fade?

The pigment in concrete brick pavers is a pigment mixed on the material, so the color will fade over time, especially if they’re outdoors and if they have darker pigments.

Cambridge pavers are almost maintenance-free material: they’re stronger, less absorbent, and don’t lose their color so fast when compared with other types of paving stones, for all these reasons, they are becoming a more popular option.

As mentioned earlier, Cambridge pavers are a type of paving stone denser than regular concrete brick, the color concentration in this type is higher. But just like any concrete brick, the pigment is not inherent to the material and that can cause color fading but will take much more time than with regular concrete pavers.

How to prevent pavers from fading?

One thing you have to keep in mind is that outdoor pavers will fade, once they are exposed to UV rays and as the aggregate (sand and stone) does not accept the color pigments these become more visible as white, gray, or tan colored specs in your pavers as the color fades.

The best way to prevent and slow down color fading on pavers is by sealing them, which helps the pavers maintain their color and wear. 

Sealing also prevents and protects your investment for a long time against:

  • Mold and moss
  • Weeds and ants
  • Damages and cracks
  • Water penetration
  • Weather conditions, such as rain, UV rays, snow, etc.

How to restore color to faded Cambridge pavers?

Front door patio with grey pavers recently sealed
Sealing is the best way to protect your investment!

Just like sealing prevents pavers from fading and protects your investment, you can restore the color by sealing them! 

Nowadays, there are 2 types of pavers sealers in the market: film-forming (that gives a gloss or semi-gloss finish) and non-film-forming (that gives a matte finish). While non-film-forming sealants last longer but offer less protection, film-forming sealants create a physical barrier on the paver surface that prevents stains and damages, which protects the pavers better.

If you have more questions about sealing pavers, we have an article about the subject that can help you out.

How about a free estimate?

As you can see by this article, sealing is the best way to preserve your pavers, even the Cambridge type. You can always leave all the work of cleaning and sealing them in the hands of professionals to take care of your investment.

And if you’re thinking about getting Cambridge pavers for your walkway, driveway, or patio, you can count on us too. Get a free estimate for your project and improve your home!

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