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How long does it take to pave a driveway?

When it comes to the hardscape of your yard, the driveway is a huge matter of concern.

Planning things necessarily involves managing time. Making sure it’s being smartly used, everything is done perfectly and as fast as possible. 

With that in mind, pavers’ installation is no different, although there are good news related to this last point! 

How long does it take to pave a driveway?

Paving a driveway usually doesn’t take more than a day, although the size of the area to be paved, among other factors, might influence its duration.

When it comes to the usage of pavers in a driveway, the process is composed of 6 main steps:

1. Planning and Layout

2. Excavation 

3. Sand Bedding 

4. Laying Pavers 

5. Installing the Edge Restrainers

6. Sand joints

Why choose pavers for your driveway

They’re both functional and beautiful: pavers are highly sturdy independent blocks, that resist to time more than asphalt and concrete, thus optimally supporting the weight of a vehicle, and on the other hand, aesthetically diverse in materials, colors, and patterns.

It is a great option not only for driveways, but also for pool decks, fire pits, patios, and so on. In addition, the low cost – compared to other kinds of paving – the quick installation already mentioned and easy maintenance are also encouraging when it comes to paving.

Choose the right Paver: must know tips


Pavers are designed to last decades, resisting sun exposure, rain, and other natural phenomenons. 

Therefore, we don’t recommend changing the color of your pavers after they are already installed, once you’ll deal with the reduction of its durability due to the peeling of the painting layer within time and frequency of usage, as more deeply explained for us in our previous post

So, with that considered, choose wisely your pavers’ colors, aiming for harmony between them and the rest of your landscaping. 


Alright, that pavers are tough we already know, right? 

But there are some aspects that are worth being mentioned for your notice: these blocks are made of a considerable variety of materials like clay, concrete and cobblestone.

So let’s briefly discuss each one of them:    


Widely used on driveways, its usage goes back to 27 BC, when the Roman Empire was still in full force. 

They are made of clay that is cast in forms, then heat cured, and finally shaped as squares. 

Some of their benefits are: they’re made of natural components (reusable), resistant to fire, permit high alternation of thermal energy, releasing the heat absorbed along the day at night (making the structure cooler or warmer) and allow a diverse range of designs to be made. 

However, bricks are more expensive than concrete, and tend to crack more easily.


Known for its notable sturdiness, concrete pavers are definitely a good choice for driveways. They also offer a wide variety of options on colors, textures, shapes and add a minimalist look to the big picture of your hardscape. 

It is the product of a mixture of concrete and coloring agents into a mold of a specific shape. 

Concrete pavers are certainly the most versatile option, being able to look however you want, all of that while being affordable. 


If you’re looking for the perfect combination of both long-term-durability and fancy aesthetic, Cobblestone may be just the missing piece you were looking for. 

It is made out from blocks of natural quarried stones (commonly granite, but sometimes basalt or limestone) and they can last a whole century.

Thinking of paving your driveway? Let us advise you for free. 

No doubt, pavers are the finest choice for your driveway. By perfectly distributing the weight through the big structure carefully built, and the unique design made on demand, the result could not be less impressive. Although, a well-made installation and maintenance is mandatory to assure its long-term quality and durability. 

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