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How much does flagstone cost per square foot installed?

A big part of the perks of owning a house is the yard and patio space. This is where reunions with family on a good weather day, having friends over at night, and much more happen. But for a good-looking and easy-to-maintain space, we know that natural stones are the best, and flagstone is an affordable choice to do so. However, how much does flagstone really cost per square foot installed?

When we think about changing a space, even if it is just the floor, we need to take a lot into consideration. Not just the design and style, but also the full cost. And you know that the full cost of something like that involves future maintenance, the price of the stone and the labor all together.

So we made this guide for you with all the information you’ll need for your new flagstone patio, driveway, or pool deck. Keep reading to understand more about flagstone and its full cost per square foot installed.

flagstones organized in piles
Flagstones organized in piles

What is flagstone?

Having bare patches of grass or just plain concrete won’t do it! When you don’t have a space that resonates with your feeling of home, you won’t spend enough time in it. That is why you are here looking for a beautiful natural stone to really spruce up your yard.

On the other hand, flagstone is not a type of stone or rock. This is actually an umbrella term for a specific shape and size of rocks that are transformed into flagstone. Different types of bigger rocks are cut and shaped into sheets of varying thicknesses, giving the flagstone its characteristics. Furthermore, its colors vary from blue, gray, buff, brown, tan, and much more!

That is the reason why flagstone can seem much more elegant and unique than any other type of outdoor flooring. Different colors and textures form truly unique patterns on the ground when installed by a professional. You can find flagstones made of sandstone, limestone, quartzite, marble, granite, and much more! And you’ll see how each one has a purpose that affects its price.

How much does flagstone cost?

First, we need to understand that the final cost of this stone has a lot of varying factors. Some cost factors for flagstone are material type, shape, and shipping. However, this stone can be priced in various ways!

How is flagstone usually priced?

  • Per ton: between $200 and $500.
  • Per 3T to 4T pallet: between $600 and $2,200.
  • Per square foot: between $2 and $6, just for the stone alone.

By consulting a professional, you can understand what the area you are looking to get the flagstone installed needs.

But how much does flagstone cost per square foot installed?

With the help of a professional, you will see how much work, stone, and other materials you’ll need for the installation. Usually, the prices range from $10 to $15, depending on the purpose of the space and the type of stone.

Just be careful, you need to understand the purpose of the space before installing the stone. Driveways and pool decks tend to require specific characteristics of the stone used. Take into consideration the wear and tear, the pressure and weight, and the conditions the area will be subjected to, like salt, chemicals, weather, and more.

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Advantages and disadvantages of flagstone

Having a natural stone floor can really transform your patio, driveway, and pool deck. So, thinking about the style, design, and use of these stones, what could be the advantages or disadvantages for the purpose you need?

Advantages of flagstone

Is a versatile material
Flagstone can be used in unique shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, adapting beautifully to any purpose you need. It can be used on driveways, patios, pool decks, or any outdoor floor.

It is easy to set up
Creating and adjusting the final design is truly the longest part. Once everything is settled, installing the flagstone is an easy and simple process when done by professionals. In no time, you’ll see your vision come true!

Durable and safe
Flagstones, like most types of natural stone, have a non-slippery surface that is ideal for outdoor use. It is fairly wear and tear resistant and can last a lifetime under good care.

The beauty of natural stone
Why have only one pattern and color of stone when you can combine everything into a colorful and unique floor? Your space will look and feel like no other. This is the beauty of flagstone!

Disadvantages of flagstone

Exact replacements are hard to find
As we mentioned, this will be a unique piece of art when finished. Therefore, if a piece of flagstone breaks and needs to be replaced, it is unlikely that you’ll find an exact match to replace it. But that also means it will always remain unique.

Thinner pieces can break easier
As well as variant colors, shapes, and sizes, the thickness of this stone can also vary. By choosing thinner pieces to save a little money, the pathway will be prone to breaking or cracking.

Is flagstone worth the cost?

It is true that flagstone per square foot installed may not be the cheapest option for a beautiful floor. However, if you are looking for a unique, charming, and yet durable surface, this can be worth the cost for you!

What is the best place to buy flagstone by the square foot?

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