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How much does it cost to build a small patio?

Building a patio includes the cost of the material used (generally concrete or clay bricks) and the labor involved.

People usually go for patios, but they often have no idea how much it costs to build a small patio.

A patio is an outdoor space that adjoins a residence, usually used for dining, barbecues, or recreation. Typically, it is paved with concrete pavers or flagstone. Patio pavers are easy to install, weather-proof, and capable of fulfilling just about any design vision. 

Curious about how much does it cost to build a small patio? Check this article to know everything you need about patios!

What a delightful small patio!

How much does it cost to build a small patio?

First, it’s important to say that even for a small area, the installation price can vary a lot, depending on the labor, the type of paver chosen, and the quality of the materials that you will use.

Check the chart below to give you a basic idea of the price range between the available paver materials in the market (without the installation).

Material    Price range (each) Price range (per square foot)
Clay Bricks $0,25 – $4 $4 – $8
Thin Clay (Half Bricks)  $0,25 – $2 $3 – $5
Tumbled Concrete Brick  $0,50 – $5$3 – $5
Thin Concrete Pavers $0,50 – $10 $2,50 – $5
Interlocking Concrete   $0,50 – $15$3 – $6
Stone Style Concrete Pavers$8 – $15$5 – $7
Natural Stone & Slate Pavers  $3 – $20$7 – $16

After choosing your paver, you have to add the installation price and the materials that will be needed in the process, such as sand and gravel. Installing a patio costs anywhere from $5 to $50 per square foot, but if you are building in a smaller space, you should expect to pay at least $9 per square foot installed using concrete pavers. 

Check the chart below so you can have a perception of the price range of installation per size.

Size Range Cost
7×7$250 – $2,500
10×10$500 – $5,000
12×12$750 – $7,200
16×18$1,450 – $14,500
20×20$2,000 – $20,000

The benefits of building a patio

When you choose to build a patio, you are increasing the living area of your home and changing the dynamics of your whole house.

There is nothing wrong with a yard full of green grass, but you can’t do much with it.

When you build a patio you add usable space to gather around with family and friends for a small barbecue, lunches, and dinners, or even for relaxing.

Another pro of building a patio is the cost-benefit. They seem expensive at first, but you will see that they are very durable (pavers and flagstones, for example, can last for decades) and need low maintenance. It’s important to add that a patio can increase your home equity, no matter how small your outdoor patio will be, because most homeowners enjoy the idea of outdoor space. If you eventually sell your home, it will certainly be enticing to potential buyers.

Can I build a patio on my own, or should I hire a professional?

You can build a patio by yourself, but you have to keep in mind that hiring a professional to do it is always a better choice for many reasons.

When you do it on your own, you cut some labor expenses, but professional labor guarantees that your project will have higher quality. There is also the amount of time it’s going to take to consider and the fact that many things can go wrong in the installation process. With your project in professional hands, your patio is done and ready for you to use in a weekend, and the chances of anything going wrong are minimal. 

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