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How Much Polymeric Sand Do I Need?

Are you considering building a new patio but are unsure about how much polymeric sand you’ll need for the project?

Buying too much or too little to completely fill the paver joints of your outdoor space can lead to project delays and over spending.

Read the full article to understand how to calculate the quantity of polymeric sand you will need for your project.

How Much Polymeric Sand Will You Need?

How much polymeric sand you will need will depend largely on the size and scope of your specific project.

The surface area which needs to be covered, the pavers being used, the size of the gaps between the pavers as well as the manufacturer of the specific polymeric sand you chose are all important variables which need to be taken into account. These factors will all affect the number of bags of sand you will need to complete the installation of your new patio or walkway.

Read on to understand exactly how much sand you will need for your project.

What Is Polymeric Sand and Why Use It?

Polymeric sand, also known as paver sand, jointing sand or durable sand, is a fine sand mixed with polymers that is used to close off the space between pavers. When installed correctly and after being sprayed with water, polymeric sand will harden like super glue and bind the sand particles together to prevent the pavers from coming loose. 

Other than keeping pavers in place, polymeric sand is also recommended by most experts when it comes to installing new pavers because it has a number of other advantages over regular sand or gravel. While sand or gravel create a much weak base that can easily get washed away or get pushed up over time by plant roots, the tighter particles in polymeric sand prevents weed growth and stops dirt and grime from getting between the paving stones, while still allowing water to drain away. For these reasons, polymeric sand will naturally help lengthen the lifespan of your patio while minimizing maintenance time and cost.

Polymeric sand is also the material of choice for our customers since it is available in a variety of different colors and can therefore be chosen to match the pavers and overall look of the finished patio.

Factors Affecting How Much Polymeric Sand You Need

Consider these important factors that affect the number of bags of polymeric sand you will need.

Surface Area To Be Covered

The amount of sand that you’ll need will depend on the size of the patio or walkway you want to install. The bigger the surface area, the more bags of polymeric sand you’ll need. It may seem obvious, but nevertheless, surface area is the first factor that comes into play when calculating the amount of material needed for the project.

Size of The Gaps Between The Pavers

The next variable when it comes to calculating the amount of paver sand you need to apply is the depth and the width of the gaps in between each stone. 

As a quick estimate, a 50lb bag of polymeric sand will be enough to cover 75-100 sq. ft. of patio area if the gaps in between your pavers are small and tight. Roughly speaking, for wider gaps from approximately ¼ inches to ⅜ inches, a 50lb bag will only be enough for half the square footage.

Size and Shape of The Pavers or Stones

The shape and size of the pavers also influences how much paver sand you’ll need. After all, the bigger the stones, the less gaps you will have, and the more rounded the edges of the stones, the bigger each gap will be. Just as an example, more polymeric sand will be needed to fill the gaps between stones with a tumbled edge in comparison with pavers which have a tighter honed edge. The wider and uneven gaps which come with a flagstone patio for example, will require more sand to fill them, in which case a 50lb bag might only cover 8-10 sq. ft.

Manufacturer of The Polymeric Sand

Don’t forget that polymeric sand coverage will also vary slightly from product to product so it’s important to double check the packaging for the coverage area of the material you’re buying. 

Calculating The Amount Of Polymeric Sand Needed

At the end of the day, the number of bags of polymeric sand you will need will depend largely on your paving project.

Carefully measure the surface area and estimate the length and width of the gaps between the pavers. Identify the polymeric sand coverage from the packaging,and then just divide the square footage of the area by the coverage of the sand to find the number of bags you will need.

To keep it as simple as possible, you can try this online calculator to help you determine how much sand to buy. 


So remember, it can be as simple as a 3 step process to figure out how much paver sand you need. Measure the surface area, estimate the size of the gaps between the paver stones and reference the packaging of the polymeric sand you are buying to determine how much polymeric sand you need to purchase for your paving project.

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