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How to apply paver sealer: make your pavers look great again!

To seal or not to seal, that’s the question. If you want your pavers to look great and also prevent any kind of stains that are difficult to remove, the answer is to seal! But, do you know how to properly apply a paver sealer?

Sealers not only make your pavers look beautiful and new but also lengthen their lifespan. They serve as protection for the pavers from staining and getting dirty from weather conditions. However, you should have attention to not to over apply the chemical, which could create a haze and ruin the looks of your pavers.

If you want to seal your pavers but have no idea how to do it, check out our guide below to have all your paver sealing questions answered!

freshly sealed patio

How to apply paver sealer?

The first thing you need to do before applying paver sealer is cleaning the surface. Even new pavers have to be cleaned before any type of sealer can be applied. If you do it before cleaning, it is only going to seal dirt and grime into the pavers. 

Cleaning will also open the pores to allow better penetration of the sealer, which is very important.

Before you start the process, you need to have the following tools and materials:

  • Broom
  • Pressure washer (or a garden rose)
  • Product of cleaning pavers
  • Sealer of your choice
  • Pump-up sprayer or a roller

To clean your pavers, the first thing you are going to do is swipe any fallen leaves or debris with a broom, followed by a pressure washer (or a garden rose) to remove any kind of hard stains and if necessary, a specific cleaning product for pavers, then water again with a pressure washer or garden rose to remove all the remaining of the cleaner.

Now that you cleaned your pavers, it’s time to seal them! 

  1. Divide the area you want to apply the sealer, that will help you not to cover some areas with more sealer than others, especially if you are using a pump-up sprayer;
  2. Apply the first coat of sealer continuously and equally making sure that there is no excess product into the joints. 
  3. Work in straight lines across the pavers but be careful to not cut yourself off from where you keep your supply of sealer so you don’t need to step over the sealed area. If you are using a sprayer, we recommend doing it in a north-south direction, and if you are using a roller, in an east-west direction.
  4. Wait for 24 hours before repeating another coat for added protection and gloss. Pavers with wet or glossy finish normally won’t present their finished look until the second layer is on.
  5. Let it dry for another 24 hours to attain the final look.

Tips for applying paver sealer

  • It’s best to apply a sealer when the weather is dry or not in direct sunlight, especially when it exceeds 90°F, so when planning to seal your pavers, always check the weather;
  • Sealing works a lot like painting, if you’ve started, don’t let a section dry before you finish!
  • To avoid discoloration, invest in a high-quality sealer that won’t need to be reapplied very often;
  • Wait 24 hours before allowing foot traffic and 3 to 4 days for wheeled traffic on your recently sealed pavers.

Glossy vs. Wet finish 

When looking for sealers, you’re gonna find the terms “glossy” and “wet” a lot and it can be confusing to distinguish the two finishes. Here’s the deal: glossy has a shiny finish while wet doesn’t.. 

If you want a glossy finish, we recommend you to choose a sealer with a high solid content of acrylic, the higher the solid percentage, the glossier the finish. A glossy finish are a great choice if your pavers are red or brownish tones.

But if you prefer a wet finish, look for something that is solvent-based. The finished look gives off a darker color on the bricks..

Can I seal pavers by myself?

The process of applying paver sealer might seem easy, but it’s really not. If you don’t have the experience and all the necessary tools and materials, you will benefit way more from hiring a pro to do the labor. They will make your pavers look good as new and in way less time.

And if you are worried about the price, you can get a completely free estimate for cleaning and sealing your pavers!
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