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How To Design An Outdoor Living Space

One of the most common ways to get more leisure space at home is to build an outdoor living space. Fire pits, seating areas, outdoor kitchens, in addition to being very beautiful, are also relatively cheaper home improvement choices. But do you know where to start and how to design an outdoor living space for your place?

You probably have come across several stunning designs. But when it comes to designing an outdoor living space, several aspects must be observed. In this article, we will try to cover as many topics as possible and answer the most frequently asked questions.

outdoor fire pit near a lake

How Do You Build Outdoor Living Spaces

The first thing to look at when designing an outdoor living space is the area. But the good news is that you don’t need a large space to accommodate your project. What you need to do is adjust your project to the size of the chosen location.

When choosing the location, in addition to the size, take into account other factors. For example, an outdoor living space, in a way, is a continuity of your home. Whether the area will be closer to your home or not is entirely up to you. Regardless of your decision, just remember to make the area accessible, in the best possible way. If the location you choose is close to your house, even better.

However, if the location is further away it will require a little more planning. There are several ways to make these areas accessible, for example, with paver pathways.

Where To Locate Outdoor Living Space

The first step is also the most important in your project. Once your outdoor living space has been set up, there is no way to transfer it to another location. In cases where you have limited area space, there is not much to think about. Still, if you have a larger yard, you will have to put some thought into it.

During this planning stage, keep in mind what is the purpose of this outdoor living space. If you plan to make it an extension of your house, such as a kitchen, you will prefer to build it closer to your home. Now, if it is a leisure area, or a pool deck, for instance, it is not a bad idea to build the space a little further away.

Choose An Outdoor Living Space Project

Both the previous point and this one usually go hand to hand. That’s because, the project you choose will depend a lot on the chosen area, and vice versa.

Nevertheless, the beauty of building an outdoor living space is that you have countless options. Check out some ideas:

  • Outdoor living spaces with a TV;
  • Outdoor kitchen spaces;
  • Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits;
  • Outdoor dining spaces;

And so on…

Choosing The Material

After choosing the location and type of project to be executed, it’s time to choose the material. Since projects can vary widely, there is no universal answer here.

However, one of the points where most people seem to come to terms with is the use of pavers in flooring. There are 3 decisive aspects of this choice:

  1. Practicality – Pavers require very little maintenance and can last for decades. Best of all, if any of the pavers get damaged for some reason, you can just replace it with another.
  2. Versatility – The variety of pavers currently on the market is considerable. You can easily find them in different colors, shapes, and textures. Thus, they match any type of project.
  3. Beauty – In addition to the immense variety of colors, shapes, and textures, some pavers are made to mimic real stones. This means that you can have a stunning floor for an extremely affordable price.

But the benefits of pavers don’t end there. Most outdoor living space projects have fireplaces or firepits. There are specific pavers produced just for this purpose. In addition to the beautiful look, they work well as thermal insulators.

How Do You Make a Small Patio Look Good

Doing a little research, you’ll notice that the prices of the projects vary a lot. This is due to the great variety of possibilities. From simpler projects, such as the remodeling of existing outdoor living spaces, to larger projects.

If you’re on a budget, or maybe your patio is too small, we have some good news for you. It is possible to create a beautiful outdoor living space, even with limited resources or space.

Outdoor Living Space Without Roofing

Much of the costs involved in an outdoor living space project are related to building walls and roofing. If space or resources are limited, why not disregard it? The idea is simply to invest in flooring the area with pavers and decorate it the way you want. Place a table, some chairs, and plants to enhance the place. There you go, now you have a leisure area, perfect for a few drinks and pleasant reading.

Bottom line is, be creative. It’s perfectly possible to create beautiful outdoor areas with very little. Another excellent tip is not to throw away old furniture, chairs, and tables. Reutilize something that could end up in a landfill. You’ll be saving money that could be spent on purchasing new objects.

Will An Outdoor Fireplace Or Kitchen Add Value To Your Home

Definitely yes. We even mentioned a similar case in a previous article where we talk about how a paver patio can reach an ROI of 75% (Return On Investment). Likewise, investing in the design of outdoor living space is a guaranteed investment. In addition to providing a unique experience for any guest, you will considerably raise the market value of your home.

Now imagine, if that investment also includes an outdoor area with a fireplace or kitchen (or both). Even if you have no plans of selling the property, you will still have a remarkable space to gather friends and family.

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