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Should I Seal My Pavers? All you need to know!

After investing some time and money in a beautiful paver patio, a thought might cross your mind: “Should I seal my pavers?” Know that you’re not alone in thinking about it and considering the option.

However, choosing between sealing or not sealing your pavers can become quite complex. Unfortunately, the answer is not set in stone and there are several factors you need to think about before reaching a conclusion.

These factors might include the material you chose for your pavers, the location and purpose of your installation, and your own expectation of maintenance and durability. So let’s talk about these factors.

Pavers in the process of sealing.

Should I Seal My Pavers? – The Short Answer: Yes.

There’s a world of difference between should and must. Sealing pavers is highly recommended, but not a necessity per se.

Skipping the sealing of your pavers will not cause a disaster. They will still work fine and fulfill their purpose. However, they can present maintenance problems in the long run.

So, if you don’t feel like it, know that you can very well go on without sealing your pavers. But be aware that you’re not protecting your investment as best as you can.

Sealing Makes Maitenance Easier

If your pavers are not sealed, they won’t be very well protected against food stains, for example. If there’s a lot of food and drinks going around your paver patio, like in parties and other social events, sealing them is a very good idea, as it protects them against any spills that might happen.

Sealing also prevents weeds from growing between the grout lines of your pavers. Not only that, but it also prevents the accumulation of moss on their surface.

Basically, anything that can stain your pavers will have a hard time getting past the sealing. Leaves, dirty water from washings and rinses, animal stool.

You name it. Sealing protects against the staining of several materials and makes the cleaning of your paver patio much easier.

Sealing Pavers Protects Them From the Weather

Natural elements can also stain your pavers. More than that, extreme freeze-thaw conditions can actually damage the integrity of the pavers. Another advantage of sealing your paver patio is giving it protection against weather conditions.

Even the less extreme day-to-day weather conditions, like snow, rain, and even sunlight, will in time damage your pavers. That is another reason why sealing them is extremely recommended to ensure their longevity and overall quality.

Is There Any Reason Not to Seal My Pavers?

Well, yes and no.

There is one specific scenario where sealing pavers can cause trouble: poolside areas.

The paver patio around a pool is designed to be as non-slippery as possible, due to the inevitable spill of water on their surface. In order to do that, you will usually choose a porous stone that can absorb the water.

This is where the trouble lies. Sealing the stone can defeat this purpose entirely. What was supposed to be a non-slippery and water-absorbent paver patio becomes slippery and quite dangerous to walk on it.

However, that does not mean you shouldn’t seal it. There are specific sealers in the market that are designed to protect your pavers against all we discussed above but also keep the surface porous enough to become non-slippery.

The Choice of Sealer

The previous pool area example is a good illustration of the importance of the sealer you’re going to choose.

Basically, there are two types of sealers you can choose from: penetrating sealers and wet look sealers.

Penetrating sealers are designed to form a coat of protection around the pavers without changing their color or appearance.

Wet look sealers will do the same, but will also give a “shine” to your pavers, making them look wet in the process.

Aesthetically speaking, is just a matter of personal preference. The important part is to check how much the sealer will affect the slip resistance of your pavers.

Person applying sealer to a paver patio.

Help of Professionals

If you’re still uncertain about sealing your pavers and want more information before committing to the investment, you can reach the professionals at S&S Pavers through the phone number 941-773-3098 or send them an email at

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