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Spray Paint Pavers: Is That a Good Idea?

Pavers, especially the ones made out of concrete, are still a staple in hardscape design. They are famous for their versatility and durability. However, they are usually bound to hues of gray and beige. So, if you want a more unique look, can you spray paint pavers? Is it even a good idea?

To be fair, it is still possible to find some options for different colors. Some manufacturers provide pavers in hues of green, red, yellow. But they always come in very pastel tones.

Hues of concrete paver

If you want a really bright strong colored paver, maybe spray painting can be an option. However, there are a few aspects to consider before reaching a decision.

Let’s discuss some of these aspects and give you some guidelines on how to spray paint your pavers.

Why Would You Want to Spray Paint Your Pavers?

This is an important question. The answer to it might give you some better alternatives to spray paint.

As said before, if your motives are purely aesthetical, then go for it. If you want to try something different in your patio design and need a specific color of paver that you cannot acquire otherwise, spray paint is a good enough alternative.

But if your motives are to renovate your patio and give it a “new look”, maybe spay painting is not the best course of action.

Sometimes a good thorough cleaning of your paver can do wonders and give them an unbelievable new look. In this case, cleaning, followed by sealing, is perhaps your best choice. This article gives you some good tips on how to clean your pavers.

And here is the catch: before spay painting your pavers, you’ll have to clean them anyway.

So we highly recommend that you use the aforementioned article as a guide, roll up your sleeves and give your paver a good cleaning. After the cleaning is done, then you decide whether or not you still want to spray paint your pavers.

Some alternatives to this cleaning process are the use of a power wash (but be extremely careful, more on that later) or the use of a product called Trisodium Phosphate or, TSP. It is a product specialized in preparing surfaces for painting.

Cans of pray paint next to a painted wall

How to Spay Paint Your Pavers?

Before continuing, we have to put a disclaimer here. Spray painting your pavers is easy enough, but the end result is usually not what people expect.

Concrete pavers are tricky. They are not uniform in their structure and were not made to be painted. They are porous and will absorb the paint, so trying to spray paint them will often leave spots of different hues throughout them.

We said we would discuss if it was even a good idea, right? So we have to be honest here and say, that no, it actually isn’t a good idea. That being said, we will still teach you how to do it anyway.

The first step, as we already told you, is to give them a very good cleaning. After the cleaning, maybe you’ll realize they still look good, and then all you have to do is seal them if you haven’t already or if it’s been a long time since you last did.

However, if you still decide to go for it, you’ll probably have to wait a day or two for the paver to dry completely. Maybe check the forecast and plan to do that during a long sunny weekend.

Once they are dry, they are ready to be spray painted. The actual spray painting process is not hard at all. Simply add a uniform coat of paint to the pavers, nice and easy.

Pavers, as we mentioned, are not uniform in their structure. That means you might experience some disparity in color as you paint them.

It all comes down to your personal taste. If you want a more uniform look you’ll probably have to reapply paint in a few specific areas. If you want a more intense color, you may have to add one or two more coats of spray paint.

The final touch, and this is really important, is to seal your pavers. If you didn’t know you should do that, now you know. This article can give you some clarification and tips.

When in Doubt, Call Professionals

The end result of spray painting pavers is not good. You will lose the characteristics that make pavers a good aesthetic choice. If you’re unsatisfied with your pavers, the best thing to do is to replace them altogether.

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