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What Are Concrete Pavers?

There are several materials that you can use for paving external areas. From asphalt to stones, concrete and even woods. But there is one of them that is the favorite of most people. If you guessed concrete pavers you are correct. But do you know what are concrete pavers? And why are they becoming so common, especially in outdoor areas like driveways and patios?

Simply put, they are brick-like blocks composed of concrete. They are usually made in factories, by pouring a mixture of concrete and some type of coloring agent into a mold. After some time and proper care, they dry and are ready to be removed from the molds.

Probably one of the most outstanding features is their beautiful appearance, durability, and the fact that they can be mold into several different shapes. Moreover, coloring agents may be added to the mix to give them even more beauty and personality.

concrete pavers around the poo
This is how amazing concrete pavers are, they can look a lot different than plain concrete.

What Are Concrete Pavers Used For?

Fewer things add more value to a real estate property than pavers. And thanks to advances in manufacturing, it’s now possible to make concrete pavers that closely resemble real stone pavers.

This allows them great flexibility. Their most common applications include:

  • Around the pool – The porous surface that concrete pavers have helps to prevent slips around swimming pools. Also, some pavers don’t get too hot when exposed to the sun, which makes them perfect for pool areas.
  • In walkways, pathway, or as stepping stones – Use them to connect your home to external areas, like gardens and the front gate.
  • As a wall – Whether around the house, the garden, or a fountain. You have several possibilities.
  • Driveway – Resistance, combined with beauty, make concrete pavers a very common material for driveways.
  • Patios – As already pointed out earlier, the infinite possibilities of shapes and colors allow you to be creative in your patio design.
  • Firepit – To add even more prestige to your patio, you can build a fire pit made of concrete pavers.

Regardless of how you use pavers, they become more than just an ornamental part of your yard. Eventually, they turn up to be a source of great pride for you. Besides, it can transform an area that you wouldn’t use very often before (or that gave you headaches) into a beautiful leisure area.

What Type Of Concrete Is Used For Pavers?

Typically, the concrete is made out of a blend of aggregates (sand and gravel or crushed stone) and paste. As mentioned earlier, one of the things that makes them different from each other is the addition of coloring agents. Also, thanks to added industrial processes, some of them can have different textures.

How Thick Should They Be?

The thickness can vary a lot according to the application. For example, walking areas, like driveways, and areas subject to limited vehicular use are paved with units 2 3/8″ thick. On the other hand, for streets and industrial pavements, concrete pavers units can be 3 1/8″ thick. While concrete pavers applied over existing concrete slabs are about 1 1/4″.

Concrete pavers are designed to withstand high weight without breaking. The difference in thickness is precise to suit the location where they will be installed. The greater the weight, the greater thickness will be needed to support it without breaking. On the other hand, in places where there is not a lot of weight, it is possible to install thinner blocks.

concrete pavers installed in a patio
You probably can’t tell these are made of concrete.

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Concrete Pavers?

Do it yourself concrete pavers (DIY) became a very common practice. Often you see people asking themselves: “Can I make my concrete pavers?”. And if you are reading this article maybe it’s because the idea crossed your mind.

It’s quite easy to find ready mixtures of concrete for pavers. Many of which come with instructions right on the packet. But when you take a good look at the price, you will soon understand that it’s not worth it. Not to mention the time and material you will invest to make the pavers. Don’t forget you need molds too, which also might limit you in terms of shapes.

There are several companies that sell concrete pavers. Not only do they supply them at a fair price, but also offer all the labor and have all the necessary equipment, from installation to maintenance.

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