All about pavers and hardscaping

Any homeowner who has worked with pavers knows how versatile they are. If you consider every possible material they can be made of, you can choose from almost any color available. From the pristine white variations, for example, to the famous black stone pavers.

Nowadays, it is hard to think of a hardscape project that wouldn’t get improved by incorporating pavers or that is already doing so. Pavers are available in so many designs that it is virtually impossible to find one that doesn’t perfectly fit your project.

Still, although trendy, black stone pavers can be really tricky to use – being one of the riskiest category of designs out there. Today, our focus is to look at them from an aesthetic point of view.

For that, let’s talk about all the options of materials you have when deciding to go for black pavers, and why are they more complicated to incorporate in your project than your regular paver.

Black Stone Pavers – Natural Stone Options

Let’s start by talking about the options of black pavers you have when it comes to natural stone. The best ones are granite, marble, travertine and slate. Depending on the kind of stone, the black variation might be rarer than the others, so prices may vary greatly.

We’ll discuss each option separately.


black granite paver

Granite is one of the oldest stones used in masonry known to man. It is extremely durable, and it has a special characteristic. Due to its formation process, no two pieces of granite are alike. That means whatever granite paver you chose, you’ll make sure to have something really exclusive.

Granite has that characteristic grainy look, therefore they will never be completely black. Black variations of granite are relatively rare, so they cost a bit more than your regular piece of granite would.

More common forms of it start at a cost of $17 per sq/ft. The black variations can cost $30 per sq/ft, maybe even more.


black marble paver

Marble pavers are, perhaps, the most elegant of all choices. Marble is famous for its pristine look and classic aesthetic characteristic. Black marble is not exactly rare, but it can be more difficult to find than its vastly more popular white variation.

Unlike granite, it is possible to find marble that is completely black in a more uniform fashion. Albeit, they are rarer and, therefore, more expensive.

Those white variations can start their price at $7 per sq/ft, while the black ones usually start at $11 per sq/ft.


travertine black pavers

Travertine is the most popular of all these options due to how well they work with poolside installations. Homeowners who have installed pavers around their pool know firsthand the power of travertine pavers in that setting. It is indeed possible to find black variations of travertine, but they will not be as black as the other options.

Travertine pavers start at a very low price of $4 per sq/ft and can reach as high as $11 per sq/ft.


slate black pavers

In our experience, slate is relatively unknown by most homeowners. Slate is a foliated rock with a smooth surface and a fine-grained texture. It can be a wonderful option for small outdoor patios, and definitely something many people would be impressed by – especially in their black variation.

Slate pavers cost between $15 and $20 per sq/ft.

Black Stone Pavers – Manufactured Options

Now that we covered all the natural stone options, let’s move on to the manufactured ones.

There is no mystery here. As always, concrete and porcelain pavers dominate and prove once again they are the best for a reason.


black concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are maybe the most popular pavers of all – and for good reason. They can deliver in all fronts for a cost-benefit that is unbeatable by other options. Concrete is always a good choice of pavers.

You can find concrete pavers in many colors, including black, but they are never as bright and pristine as natural options would. Still, you can find some really dark options with ease.

Concrete pavers cost around $4 and $6 per sq/ft, with some particularly rare color schemes being able to reach up to $10 per sq/ft.


black porcelain pavers

Concrete paves might still be the most popular and better cost-benefit option, but porcelain pavers are starting to challenge the top position in the industry. They come at a higher cost, but they also come with so many maintenance benefits that they are starting to take space in the hearts of many homeowners.

They can deliver in all fronts just as much as concrete – and can even surpass it in the looks department, since their manufacturing process allows them to simulate the visual of many natural stones.

Porcelain pavers can cost anything between $10 and $35 per sq/ft, depending on the complexity and rarity of the design.

Which Option is the Best?

This question never has a straight answer.

In the hardscape business, every installation is unique, with its own challenges and particularities. The answer will greatly depend on exactly what kind of project you have in mind. How much you’re willing to invest is also an important factor, as well as the aesthetic aspect of your choice.

For example, if you’re planning a poolside installation, travertine might be the best option for you. But going with natural stone also involves having to be prepared for a more specific maintenance routine and having to buy certain cleaning products. That might be a deal breaker for you.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right pavers for your installation. Going in blindly is never a good choice, and that’s why we always recommend asking for professional help before making any decisions.

We have been working with paver installations for 12 years here at S&S Pavers, and we have dealt with many unforeseen consequences where our experience was crucial to the success of the installation. Due to that, it’s best to find a contractor in your area you can trust.

And in case you are around our area of activity (the Sarasota and Manatee counties in Florida), why not give us a call to help you? We have extremely qualified professionals ready to help you with any hardscape need you might have!

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