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Pavers and Concrete Patio Together: Does It Work?

Nowadays, most houses are sold with a concrete patio already installed in the back. However, they are more like a block of cement over the lawn with just enough space to put a grill or a table. It is time to renew it, but taking off all that concrete before putting in your new pavers is not an option. Do paver and concrete patios work together, though?

For various reasons, concrete patios are usually the first to be installed on new or renovated houses, mainly for their practicality. They can be cheaper than pavers up front, and they get the job done. However, concrete patios are not the prettiest or most durable of structures.

If you are looking for a new and beautiful patio, we have a lot of ideas for you! In this article, we’ve selected the main ways you can bring a new look to your yard with concrete and pavers – so you can find what works best for you. In addition, you will learn a lot more about the concrete patio you might already have!

Hands of worker installing concrete paver blocks with rubber hammer
Hands of worker installing concrete paver blocks with rubber hammer

Are concrete patios worth it?

As we mentioned, concrete patios are typically there for practicality. They are cheaper than pavers, and they look good for the first few months. And this is their main problem: they are not very durable.

Don’t worry, your concrete patio won’t start breaking and cracking so soon. However, with time and all the wear and tear, they will start to chip and stain. In the first month, it will look beautiful and clean, but in the second, you’ll already start to notice some small cracks and chips.

Despite being less expensive at first and actually looking nice, the maintenance costs add up over time, and they simply aren’t worth it. So, if you just bought a house or feel like it is time to spruce up your yard, you can choose pavers! They will make your place look beautiful and unique with their pretty patterns. And you can even choose concrete pavers that are way better than just plain poured concrete!

Expand your patio with pavers and concrete together

I know what you are thinking: why not just pour more concrete over the lawn? Well, that would be an expensive project. And on top of that, it won’t look as good in comparison to the already existing part, and with time you will need to worry about everything we’ve just talked about.

But if you are serious about transforming your yard into a place full of entertainment and fun, you can get the best of both worlds! By maintaining the existing part of the concrete patio, you can plan an amazing pattern with pavers surrounding it.

That way, you can play with all the colors and patterns and keep that part for later, if you feel the need. You don’t have to worry about reforming the whole yard; you can do it in parts! Pavers made of natural stones or even concrete have unique patterns and colors that make them easy to replace and fix. This will give you the opportunity to experiment and get creative when you can reform the concrete part!

Can pavers be installed over existing concrete?

If you have a big part of your patio made out of concrete and don’t want to tear it all up but still want it to look as beautiful as full paver patios, this is for you! Although it is possible, it shouldn’t be your first choice.

Pavers have a lot of advantages, and one of them is their versatility and flexibility. They are designed to handle flexible surfaces, remaining beautiful and safe with the right base. The usual sand and gravel base should give it the best final results – which are hindered by hard concrete.

Therefore, if you can, consider the first option and expand your patio with pavers. You can always tear the concrete apart later and finish the project when it fits your future budget.

How To Tell If The Concrete Is Suitable Or Not For Pavers

The concrete underneath the pavers should be in perfect condition to do so. The most important step before deciding if you’re going to install pavers and concrete together is to evaluate their integrity first.

Small cracks, veins, and chips won’t be an issue, but bigger ones can heavily impact the final results. Signs of erosion and bad drainage must also be considered before installing pavers over concrete, as this will result in really bad outcomes.

An expert’s opinion is always welcome! The durability of your new paver patio truly depends on the integrity of the base, especially as an outdoor surface. Rain, debris, and other external circumstances can damage the structure of the pavers and affect benefits such as safety and repairability.

Pros and cons of pavers and concrete patios together


  • Pavers are easy to install! It is quick to plan and prepare the space for them, and once installed, they can be used right away.
  • They are unique! Pavers tend to come in unique patterns, shapes, and sizes, which can result in great designs.
  • A durable and safe surface! With natural stone or concrete pavers, your loved ones are safe. They are non-slippery, stain-resistant, and they don’t heat up in hot weather.
  • Expanding your patio or putting paver over concrete is a great way to stay under budget. If the surface is right, you’ll save time and money by not having to tear apart the existing concrete.


  • The concrete that is going to be below the new paver is usually not in the best shape to do so.
  • Future repairs or drainage problems will be tougher to repair. Depending on how bad the problem is, you’ll probably have to compromise by tearing up the whole area.
  • Plain concrete is not as durable as natural stone pavers or even concrete pavers. They tend to chip and crack very easily and only stay even and pretty for the first couple of months.

Choose wisely, and make sure to get a professional’s opinion on the integrity of your existing concrete patio.

recently sealed pavers
Freshly sealed pavers!

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