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Pavers That Don’t Get Hot: 3 Options That Won’t Burn Your Feet

If you’re creating outdoor living spaces and pool decks and you live in a place with a hot weather. This is definitely something you should think through. Are there pavers that don’t get hot? Will pavers burn your feet? 

And for most paver materials the answer is sadly a yes, your feet will burn. On a hot day, forget about walking barefoot, it won’t be possible. But not for all materials. There are indeed pavers that don’t get hot, or at least uncomfortably hot.

Trust our word for it, we live and install pavers in Florida, and pool decks are what we do most. This is actually a very important piece of advice we give to our clients, some materials will not help you on a summer day. Choose wrong, and your pool will never few like a cool oasis during the summer.

Are There Pavers That Don’t Get Hot?

Actually, all things get hot in the sun, don’t be so hard on your deck material. Try standing on the sun from noon till the sunset, you will get hot too.

All pavers get hot. But some of them get unbearably hot, and some will remain comfortable.

This has to do with how those pavers reflect and absorb sunlight, and thus heat. You will be surprised to find out, that although the material does play a part, the main factor responsible for pavers becoming frying pans is their color.

Let’s remember some high school physics. White color is the result of total light reflection while the black color is the result of total light absorption. This means that no matter the material, lighter shades will accumulate less heat than darker shades.

The material of choice, on the other hand, will influence another factor, called Thermal Emittance. Which has to do with what your pavers will do with the heat they absorb from the sunlight. Will they release it, or will they keep hot for longer?

Brick pavers and other options made of clay, for instance, are great for building ovens. Their dark tones will absorb lots of heat, and they will efficiently retain that heat for a long time. As a result, on a hot 100 degrees day, their own temperature will be over 150 degrees.

For comparison, an egg will start to fry at 158 degrees, there are videos on youtube of it happening in sidewalks if you don’t believe me. We’re sure you don’t want that happening to your foot.

So in order to find those comfortable pavers that don’t get too hot, we will be looking at materials that offer lighter shades and don’t hold on to heat.

3 Options of Pavers That Don’t Get Hot

Prioritizing these paver options is in your best interest. Especially if you’re a Floridian such as ourselves.

Travertine Pavers: Your top choice!

Travertine pavers that don't get hot!
It’s easy to love travertine pavers.

Travertine is the king of pool decks. On a 90 degree summer day, you can expect travertine to remain at comfortable 108 degrees.

This material is easily found in hues of white, grey, and especially yellow. But what makes it so great is that it doesn’t hold on to heat much, it rather passes it down to the earth beneath it. Plus, unless you’re looking for a very specific color, it won’t be expensive.

Light Marble Pavers

marble pavers that don't get hot
TALYA GRAY ‘Leather’ Marble by Stone Mart

They are not as good as travertine is in releasing heat. However, those can be found in really light shades that will reflect most of the sunlight.

If you don’t like how travertine looks, take a look at some tumbled marble options.

Light-Colored Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers that don't get hot.
Yes, concrete paver look really good too.

Okay, this is almost an honorable mention. But light-colored concrete pavers really are the best option for those who don’t want to invest in natural stones such as the 2 previous options.

Concrete pavers won’t get nearly as hot as brick pavers and dark stones. When the outside temperature is 90 degrees, they will be as hot as 120 degrees.

Don’t think a concrete slab will give you the same results, it won’t. There is space between pavers so that heat can be shed.

Armed with this knowledge, your pool deck will be well set with any of these options. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a darker color, the best you can do is accept the consequences and wear sandals.

What about Kool Deck?

It works, it sure does. But we’re not that into coatings. Even when they last long they will need to be replaced in 5 years. While travertine pavers, for instance, will be in your house for longer than your kids.

Plus, arguably, nothing can beat the look of pavers.

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