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Where to buy permeable pavers?

If you live in a region that is highly affected by rains, you probably know what permeable pavers are. But if you don’t , we’re gonna break it down for you.

Permeable paving systems are made of a porous material that allows water absorption into the pavement and then into the ground. Unlike most beliefs, this paver’s type is as strong and durable as traditional pavers. 

This kind of paving stone has become more popular over the years for environmental reasons, that’s why it became easier to find it nowadays. If you wanna know where to buy permeable pavers and how much they cost, read more about it below!

Where to buy permeable pavers?

If you want to do your project with permeable pavers, fortunately, there are many options you can choose from. The market for this paver’s type has increased since more people are looking for it. 

You can easily find permeable pavers in practically any building materials retailer or any paver contractor. You can also find it online, but we highly recommend you buy in-person to see every option and choose more wisely.

Why do permeable pavers cost more?

Permeable pavers are more expensive than regular ones because of a lot of factors. However, it’s important to say that the initial cost of this paver’s type is higher indeed, but the benefits you win with permeable paving stones pay off the price, especially if you live in a place with high levels of precipitation. 

If you’ve ever seen water rushing into a storm drain, your home will benefit from permeable pavers, once this type of paving stone prevents that from happening and avoids other problems that can end up with high costs, like water floods, for example.

How do permeable paving systems work exactly?

Permeable pavers work with a combination of two factors. They are made with a porous material and also have open cells beneath the stones that are filled with gravel or grass, these two characteristics allow better water drainage and absorption into the ground under the surface.

However, not every permeable paver absorbs the same amount of water, some paving stones can absorb more than others, this will depend on the specific type used in your project.

After installed, permeable pavers projects look the same as regular pavers projects

Why buy permeable pavers?

When compared with regular pavers, permeable paving stones are a more sustainable choice for many reasons.

Once the rainwater can’t penetrate the soil and follow its natural course, it can end up in sewage systems and eventually bodies of water that, when in high volume and speed, can cause dangerous water floods.

Another common but forgotten problem with impermeable pavers is heat islands, which is the name given to a climatic phenomenon that occurs mainly in cities with a high degree of urbanization. In these cities, the average temperature is usually higher than in other regions. Most people don’t know, but heat islands can elevate convective precipitation, which can also lead to water floods.

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A patio, driveway, or walkway with permeable pavers may cost more, but the benefits from this type of project make the choice worth the price. If you live in an area with high levels of rain, don’t think twice about getting permeable paving stones.

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