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Why Replace Brick Patio With Pavers?

If you’re considering redoing your patio, you may be wondering whether to use bricks for paving or go for something a little different, like concrete pavers. In this article we will discuss the 4 main benefits of using pavers instead of brick.

1) Pavers Are More Durable And Longer-lasting

One of the most important benefits of pavers is that they’re much more durable than brick. Pavers are less likely to crack or chip, which means the upkeep costs can be much lower since you won’t have to worry about replacing the paving as often. The fact is, with proper maintenance, pavers can last upwards of 50 years while a brick patio will last half of that time. Pavers are the way to go since not only will you enjoy great looking outdoor space for much longer, you will also save a pile of cash in the long-run.

2) Lower Cost of Sealing

To keep your pavers in tip-top condition, you should have them go through a sealing process once every 2-3 years. On the other hand, Brick patios require re-sealing every year making them a high-maintenance option for your patio when compared to pavers.

3) Pavers Are Easier to Clean

In addition to being more durable, pavers are also easier to clean than brick. As long as they are used on a low setting, you can use a pressure washer wash away the dirt in no time at all. On the other hand, since bricks are often more porous, brick patios can take more time and be more difficult to clean. You are likely to need the pressure washer on a higher setting to get to the more hard to reach grime, so you may end up unwittingly damaging the brick.

4) Pavers Are Much More Versatile Than Brick

Brick patios are limited in design, and they often look the same as every other brick patio. This lack of variety can make your patio look boring and dated. Pavers on the other hand, offer a variety of design options that brick simply can’t match. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, so you can create a unique look for your patio that not only suits your taste, but also matches the overall look of your property.

Whether you’re looking for a more durable, easier to clean, or more versatile patio option, Pavers are a great way to update your outdoor space. With all of the benefits they offer, it’s no wonder they are becoming the paving material of choice for homeowners across the country.

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