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How to Cut Pavers – 6 Easy Ways

Sometimes, for the most intricate hardscape designs, you will need to cut some pavers. There are basically six easy ways to do that: two of these ways involve the use of a hammer, chisel, and brick splitters, and the remaining four are simply using some kind of saw.

We are going to provide you a quick and simple guide on cutting those pavers using these six different methods, starting from the simplest one to the most complex.

Before Learning How to Cut Pavers

There are four things you are always going to need, despite the method you’re going for:

  • Protective Eyewear
    Always use protective eyewear. Even in the most controlled environments, working as carefully as possible, accidents can still happen. So make sure to always be careful and put on some protective glasses before doing anything else.
  • Work Gloves
    When working with saws, it is extremely important that you have a good grip on everything. Work gloves will make sure you have that grip and will also protect your hands along the way. This is especially true when working with saws and water, as we will see ahead.
  • Measuring Tape and Carpenter’s Pencil
    Basic things that you will always be going to need, in all six methods.
  • Ear Protection
    Working with saws can get loud. Real loud. So make sure to have ear protection available.

Method 01 – Hammer and Chisel

Set of hammer an chisel on the ground.

The most basic method, with the most basic tools that probably everyone has at home. This method is indicated when you have only a few pavers to cut and these cuts don’t have to be perfect. Also, you can only get straight cuts with this method, so keep that in mind.

Start by simply measuring the paver you wish to cut and using the carpenter’s pencil to mark that measurement. This mark should be done in a way where you circumvent the whole paver, making one continuous line in all four faces of it. After that, you score the paver using the chisel, giving a few gentle taps with the hammer.

With the score done, you can now place the chisel on the marker, as centered as possible, and swing the hammer on it a few times. In time your paver will split right open, and there you go. You can then clean up the edges a little bit to give the paver a better finish.

Method 02 – Brick Splitter

Brick splitter with cut pavers.

You will use the same technique as before to mark the pavers. In fact, this marking will be done exactly the same way for all methods.

A brick splitter, if you can get your hands in one, is probably the most practical method available, but it also only provides straight cuts. After marking the paver, simply place it on the brick splitter, apply some pressure on the handle and you’re finished. The cuts are a lot easier and cleaner than the ones you get with a hammer and chisel.

Method 03 – Circular Saw (With Diamond Blade)

Circular saw on a wood table.

Let’s talk about dry and wet cutting. They are pretty self-explanatory: dry cutting involves cutting a paver while it is dry, and wet cutting is when you add water to the paver as you cut it. Wet cutting prevents the formation of dust as you cut the pavers.

This is highly recommended, as this dust is extremely prejudicial to your health. If, for some reason, you absolutely have to cut dry, make sure to wear a protective mask.

Another thing to consider: circular saws were not made to cut pavers. It is a viable option, but be mindful that it can ruin your saw or your blade. If you decide to go for it, there’s no mystery. Simply mark the stone as before, place the saw and cut along the mark.

Method 04 – Demolition Saw

Close up of a demolition saw cutting a paver.

Demolition saws are powerful tools used to cut walls and even iron. Most of them have a system where you can insert a hose with water in order for you to be able to cut wet. They are also portable since they work on gasoline. Exactly as before with the circular saw, mark your stone and cut along the mark using the demolition saw.

Method 05 – Tile Saw (With Diamond Blade)

Example of tile saw.

The tile saw is actually more of an entire table. It has a built in system that wets the saw as you cut it. It is very simple to use, and since you can place your paver on a table and cut along a guided line, is less likely you end up making a mistake.

Method 06 – Masonry Saw

Example of a masonry saw.

The masonry saw is “the” tool for this job. Some models even allow you to cut dry, as they have a vacuum system that eliminates the dust cloud as you cut it. If you have a complex project that involves the cutting of a lot of pavers, consider acquiring a masonry saw.

Extra Method – Professionals

Your best choice is still to hire professionals to help you with your project. Not only they can cut all the pavers you need, but they can also plan your project ahead so you don’t even need those cuts in the first place.

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