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Pavers vs Flagstone: Which one should you choose?

When you decide to upgrade your patio, walkway, or driveway, you might face a lot of options of material to paving your area, and for a long time, pavers and flagstones have been the most chosen materials for designing outdoor area projects. 

Choosing the right stone or paver depends on several factors. Both of them are very durable and can create a great look for your patio, backyard, or any area you want to pave. But, which one should you choose? Pavers or flagstone

In this article, you are gonna learn more about these two options, their costs, and how to maintain them. These things will help you to make your decision.

flagstones organized in piles
It’s easy to see why these are harder to install!

Pavers vs Flagstones

Pavers are flat construction units made of clay bricks or concrete bricks and mostly used as exterior flooring. Pavers are laid in patterns to create an interesting style that will last for a long time.

Flagstones are also often used for paving outdoor areas, like walkways, patios, etc. They can be cut in regular shapes or random irregular shapes and large slabs. The term flagstone is inclusive of different types of natural stone, such as limestone, bluestone, granite, fieldstone, and slate.

Each one creates a distinct look and style. While flagstone can create a free form and different look to a patio, pavers create a more uniform look with a wide range of colors to choose from.

Which one is cheaper?

When it comes to price, pavers are cheaper than flagstone, and not only the material but the labor and installation are less expensive because pavers are usually the same size and that makes them easier to lay and set. More so, with pavers, you can cut the price of mortar, since that is not necessary when installing them.

Natural stone is more expensive for a lot of factors, not only to purchase but also to install. Stones have to be quarried and transported. Besides, it is more difficult for installers to work with them, due to there being uneven in size and thickness which creates a high labor cost.


Both of the materials are very durable, they can last more than 50 years under normal conditions. But, for flagstones to last, its depth must be appropriate for the location where you’re installing them. Even though flagstones are durable and resistant, depending on the area that you install, They can break since they are thinner than bricks and can’t take the heavyweight so well.

For example, if a flagstone is installed on a driveway, where cars pass over all the time,  the material will be more susceptible to break. And that’s why depending on the area that you choose to install them, they may not be the best option.

Construction requirements

The base layer for a flagstone installation can be poured concrete and mortar to fix the stone surface to the slab. 

While pavers can sit on a compressed gravel base topped with a layer of sand and secured with polymeric sand that fills paver joints to keep out dirt and weeds and hold everything together.

What about maintenance? 

No paving material is maintenance-free, including pavers and flagstone. Both of them need proper care and regular cleaning to look beautiful.

When it comes to sealing, while it is not necessary, you should always consider sealing your paver or flagstone patio because no matter how resistant they are, outdoor surfaces are always susceptible to wear off.

Pavers or Flagstone: Which one should I choose?

The answer depends on a lot of factors. 

If your budget allows you and you’re not covering a driveway or any kind of surface that holds a lot of weight and friction, you can go for flagstone. But, if you are covering a driveway or other type of surface that has to hold a lot of weight or you have less to invest in your patio, concrete pavers are a good choice for you.

No matter what is your decision, pavers and flagstones are very resistant, durable, and stylish materials that with proper care, will last for a very long time. Another pro of choosing between these two is that they boost the value of your property.

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